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Faculty and Industry Speakers

Silicon valley 企業、Google,Yahoo,SalesForce,CIDCO,FogSystemの speakersやUniversity Professors taught by Peter Drucker and industry speakers mainly
conduct in the class: 添付のspeakersのリスト」、顔写真、日にちs、speakers 内容を参照してください。

Computer Information Systems professors, who have learned from Dr. Peter Drucker and industry speakers will be main class room presenters and conductors.

Here are some of the Cal Poly Summer seminar US major industry speakers or participants:

1. Google, Product manager

2. Yahoo, Enterprise Agile program manager

3. Sales Force, International Business manager

4. Fog System, Executive director

5. DriveMode, Executive Director

6. TaTA, Director, Business development

7. IBM: Craig Trim, Executive Consultant, Master of Innovation,
8. Southern California Edison: Kathy Wu, Senior Analyst:

9. NASA JPL: Web Application engineer, Mars Rover Web application project: Melody Ho,
10. Disney: Robert Phipps, Manager IT Security,

11. Kaiser Hospital: Sunti Chareunsy, National Account,

12. Nissan Motors : Celso Guiotoko, Vice President CIO, 13. Bank of America: Julia Francis, Senior Vice President

14. CISCO (World Number one on Network) : Manager Joy Rahman :

15. ESRI (GPS application World Number one): Manager Paul Yoshitomi:

16. US Sony Imaginary : San Diego: Manager :

17. Hitachi Consulting: Director John Choate :

When we visit the companies, their experts will present the materials and discuss with them directly. Therefore you should be well prepared for the questions before each visit to the company. You should maximize the time they give you when we visit the company.

Internationally, if you want to be equal to them, you must speak up and express your opinions and ask questions.
You do not worry about your English. You are from Japan, they know that you are not expert in English. Just put nouns together and ask the questions.


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